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      Graduate Loans Overview

      An advanced degree without a high degree
      of financial worry.

      Rates as low as

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      Get Started

      Graduate Student Loans to Fit Your Life — and Budget

      Multi-Year Approval for Graduate Student Loans

      Citizens Bank offers multi-year approval2, because we are committed to staying with you all the way through graduation (Bar Study loans are not eligible for multi-year approval).

      • Fixed Rates

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        Your interest rate will remain constant over the life of your loan and your monthly payment amount will remain the same.

        Rate and Repayment Examples
      • Variable Rates

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        Get a potentially lower rate and lower monthly payments. The interest rate will fluctuate monthly, and therefore, your monthly payment amount will vary over time.

        Rate and Repayment Examples

      3 Reasons to Choose Citizens Bank

      • Easy - One approval for multi years*


        Multi-year approval2

        Apply once — with one application — then just request the funds you need for every year through graduation.

      • Helpful - Dedicated people and resources


        Dedicated people
        and resources

        Our dedicated Student Lending Advisors and interactive tools will help you understand your options and make the right decisions for your situation.

      • Flexible - Payments on your terms


        Payments on your terms

        Whether you are a parent or student looking for a new loan or to consolidate existing ones, Citizens has options to fit your needs — and budget.

      Graduate Loan Features

      • Repayment

        Choose from 5, 10 and 15-year terms. You also get the option to make full or interest-only payments in school, or defer payments until after graduation. You can defer payments for up to 8 years while in school (Note: Interest will accrue during any periods of deferment). View our repayment examples.

      • Eligibility5

        • U.S. citizens or permanent residents. International students can apply with a creditworthy U.S. citizen or permanent resident cosigner
        • The student must be enrolled at least half time in a degree-granting program at an eligible institution
        • Have good credit or have a qualified cosigner3
        • Have attained the age of majority in your state of residence or if you have not met the age of majority in your state of residence, a cosigner will be required
        • Have no prior student loan defaults
      • Loan Amounts

        You may borrow up to the maximum qualified loan amount or the total cost of education, whichever is lower. Our student loan does have lifetime aggregate limits (including both federal and private loan debt) of:

        Minimum: $1,000
        Graduate Degrees: $150,000
        MBA and Law: $225,000
        Healthcare: $180,000 or $350,000 depending on your degree4

      3 Easy Steps to Apply

      Getting your graduate degree takes time; applying for a loan with Citizens doesn’t. You can do it in 15 minutes with these 3 easy steps.
      Get Started


      Complete the online application

      Apply from your computer or mobile device*. You also have the option to add a cosigner, which may increase your likelihood of approval, and getting the most favorable rate.


      Select your rate and terms

      Choose a fixed or variable rate, the loan term, and how and when you want to repay the money.


      Sign and accept.

      You and your cosigner (if applicable) will sign and accept your loan documents electronically.

      Speak with a Student Lending Advisor

      Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm ET
      Sat: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm ET

      Helpful Tools

      Questions? Ask a Citizen.
      Questions? Ask a Citizen.

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